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Sailing with Histos

With more than 500 members, the Utrecht Student Sailing Association Histos is Europe’s largest student sailing club. U.S. Histos offers students the opportunity to sail at several different levels, and in eight different disciplines, including instructional sailing, competitive sailing, and recreational sailing. We also offer students the chance to make new friends for life in our own social club ‘De Oude Buis’. Members gather aboard the floating clubhouse for drinks every Monday and Thursday.

U.S. Histos offer in-house training for each sailing discipline. Even if you have absolutely no sailing experience, you can train to become a competitive sailor or an offshore skipper on a yacht. The club sailing activities are an excellent opportunity to learn from one another’s experiences.

There’s a place at U.S. Histos for anyone who wants to learn to sail or just has a passion for sailing!

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